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Meet the Interior Design Team

Ebony Batie - Interior Designer - H2Oh! Decor Co-Founder 800x706

Ebony Batie, Co-Founder & Designer

“What is your space saying? Let’s talk about it!”

Ebony, loves all design styles; however, she organically gravitates to timeless, contemporary, mid-century modern designs partnered with sculptural and unorthodox elements. She believes that every space has its own personality and should speak freely.

At the tender age of 5, on a cold Christmas morning in Wisconsin, she received her customized 3 story dollhouse, in which she (with the help of her Mom) decorated each space, and the love for design bloomed. Interior design to her has been, currently is, and will always be a passion with endless opportunities, which affords her the ability to bring life to one’s vision for their personal space.

Although the interior design was introduced to her early, she has enhanced her passion with a BS in Business Administration and Accounting along with current studies in Interior Design from the New York Institute of Art & Design. Ebony’s exceptional skill in space planning will ensure that your space will be designed in a functional, exciting, and appealing manner. She understands that everyone deserves to have a space that speaks their language.

Tammie Price-Johnson - Interior Designer - H2Oh! Decor Co-Founder 800x706

Loranique Sears, Co-Founder & Designer

“Whatever the place. Whatever the moment. Whatever you do…let it be beautiful!”

Loranique Sears a descendant of Birmingham Alabama and a born crafter,
has a love for styling spaces that are not only beautiful but add a sense of peace and visual narrative that tells the client’s story.

After studying art at Jackson State Community College and psychology at Ashford University online. She was able to establish that creativity and psychology go hand-in-hand.

It is her dedication to creating a space for each client that is not only conducive to making the space beautiful but a space you can grow in!

She specializes in Modern eclectic and rustic shabby chic design. But is well versed in all.

She encourages you to allow H2O to provide the ultimate experience in decor and design, an experience that will bring your visions to life! 

Tammie Price-Johnson - Interior Designer - H2Oh! Decor Co-Founder 800x706

Tammy Price-Johnson, Co-Founder & Designer

“I strive for perfection. I believe every space should reflect the client’s personality and H2Oh! Décor is dedicated to making aspirations a reality and Bring Your Vision to Life!”

Tammie Price-Johnson a native of Lubbock Texas is Co-Founder of H2oh! Décor. She has an unmatched passion and exceptional ability to interpret her client’s desires and needs into functional spaces reflecting their own unique style. Tammie has earned a Master’s in Business Administration and is studying to advance her Interior Design skills at the New York Institute of Art and Design. She believes that concepts are characterized by cutting-edge trends in colors, patterns, innovative materials, and high-end details. Tammie has a unique style and is passionate about mixing design elements from Modern, Vintage, Glam to Eclectic.

As an artist her multi-faceted skillset allows her to think outside the box and an even more valuable talent is that she can take the box and create something stunning.  Her philosophy is that a design is not successful unless it is functional, sets a mood, and brings harmony to your space. Tammie is committed to providing clients with high-quality personalized service which includes formulating a concept, arranging cost-efficient alternatives, purchasing adequate materials, delivering the finished product, and exceeding all expectations.