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Home and Office Interior Design Consultation

The design consultation is an especially important part of the design process. We like to start with a discovery session and the design consultation is the time when we listen to whatever challenges you are having with the existing space. Our designers learn more about your vision for space, how you’d like to use it, what your lifestyle is and how you’d like to feel in the space. It is the time for you as the client to be open and honest about your own grand visions for your space, without fear of the expense or other factors not yet determined. We typically like to cover things like the way space will layout, the best materials to really showcase the space, the addition of millwork and other architectural elements, furniture pieces, lighting, art, and window coverings. We may show you examples from our portfolio of a similar project or feature, or show you any ideas we have collected, or other online sources to help you visualize what we have in mind, but it is often not exactly as what we would design for you. We are typically designing something unique for you, so it doesn’t exist to show you. We are not making actual selections, but we are verbally discussing the elements in the space.  Actual selections take time to develop, and one element impacts the next. The consultation is all about grand ideas; ideas that we willingly give to clients because that is a part of the value H2Oh! Décor brings.  A design plan is developed later to address your unique needs.

Home and Office Space and Layout Planning

Space & Layout Planning is a core element of the interior design process. Our designers will consult with you to gain clarification of your needs, desires, and usage for space while considering your budget and time constraints. The designer then draws up a plan that defines the zones of the space and the activities that will take place in those zones.